Udinese Caffè

Udinese Caffè Export

Udinese Caffè Export is a brand that since 50 years produces coffee blends. It was born as a small reality in Udine, the heart of the Region Friuli. During the years the firm has grown up and extended its trade by selling its products all over the country. Satisfying the taste of the most delicate palates, today it has won a lot of international markets; it has established itself thanks to the excellent quality of its coffee, which has an unforgettable full and fragrant taste.

The secret of Udinese Caffè Export is in the receipt of the blend; it is made with selected “Arabica” and “Robusta” green coffees of high qualitative standard: they are roasted in a modern roasting machine with changing heating air.

Udinese Caffè Export contains the particular taste of the real Italian espresso.
Udinese Caffè Export Via Perugia , 6 33010 Tavagnacco [UD] Italia